The Best Los Angeles Jewelry Stores & Fine Diamond Jewelers

Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States, and home to the city of Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis known for its diversity and as the home of Hollywood. As a cultural center, Los Angeles is home to more creative artists than any other city, and its sophisticated population has developed a taste for exceptional fashion, including high end, luxury jewelry items.

From the exclusive haunts of the Rodeo Drive shopping district in Beverly Hills to the beaches of Malibu, Los Angeles elites have a wide variety of exclusive jewelry stores to choose from. In this brief article, we’ll take a look at some of the finer jewelry stores in the Los Angeles County area—while keeping in mind that Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer is the best place to sell your diamond jewelry & luxury watches for the most cash in Los Angeles County.

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Oscar’s Design Jewelry – The Best Bridal Jewelry & Wedding Rings in Los Angeles

Founded by Gemological Institute of America graduate Oscar Bayeh over twenty years ago, Oscar’s Design Jewelry is a full service jewelry store located in the heart of Los Angeles’ famed International Jewelry Center. Starting with ethically sourced diamonds and other precious stones and metals, Oscar’s crafts custom designed jewelry items that are hailed for the attention to detail.

Oscar’s features a full line of custom bridal jewelry, from traditional diamond solitaires to elaborate, triple shank double halo rings that boast a sea of channel set diamonds. Oscar’s designer’s own work is supplemented by a number of well known designers, including Gabriel & Co., Simon G., and Benchmark. In addition to their wedding collection, Oscar’s offers a variety of fashion jewelry, including two and three stack diamond rings, and finely detailed micropavé diamond hoop earrings. Bracelets and necklaces in Oscar’s collection run the gamut from simple, traditional tennis bracelets to elaborate butterfly and diamond halo necklace designs.

For their clients with a specific idea for a jewelry item, Oscar’s offers complete custom design services. Starting with the customer’s personal style and incorporating their ideas into the design process, Oscar’s is proud to create personalized, one-of-a-kind jewelry items. Other services offered at Oscar’s include jewelry cleaning, inspection, and repair, polishing and rhodium plating, and ring sizing. Their GIA graduate gemologists can also provide accurate and accredited appraisal services for insurance purposes.

Leon’s of Beverly Hills – The Best Custom Made Jewelry in Los Angeles County

In many ways, Leon’s of Beverly Hills is unique among its competitors. As a jewelry designer since 1979, Leon Haytayan established his own brand in 2000 to showcase his unique, old world master craftsmanship in the art of jewelry making. Every piece created by Leon’s is painstakingly designed and created by hand, with Leon himself performing the work on commissioned pieces. Only the finest and purest precious metals and stones are considered for use, and the resulting works of art are heirloom worthy, meant to be enjoyed by generations of jewelry lovers.

The variety of jewelry items available at Leon’s is breathtaking. Rings vary from the diamond encrusted Achilles’ Shield to softer pieces like one called Crimson Lust, featuring 18k white gold with crimson coral accented with diamonds and rubies. Leon’s work with other colored stones is bold and brilliant as well, and includes emeralds, amethysts, turquoise, and some stunning pieces with blue topaz set in a swirled pillow of black and white agate.

His craftsmanship and design brilliance is also on display in his collection of brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Color combinations like black agate against citrine and rose gold woven into channels of diamonds make for striking, artistic statements. Difficult to categorize, but endlessly fascinating, Leon’s jewelry is beloved by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Because of the painstaking care taken by the artists when creating the jewelry at Leon’s, all of the jewelry items available at Leon’s are backed by a lifetime warranty. Leon’s has the confidence in their products to cover full maintenance and service to their pieces forever.

Peter Marco – The Best Jewelry Store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

Peter Marco has been in the jewelry business since he was 14 when he started as a floor sweeper. Rising into the production department by the time he was 17, Peter soon ventured into sales, and spent years traveling the world and learning the industry. His Rodeo Drive boutique has was established in 2008, and partners with both local and international shops to offer a wide variety of unique jewelry items, from multi-million dollar necklaces to more modest engagement rings for young couples. The clientele at Peter Marco is treated with the highest respect, whether Hollywood royalty or everyday Angelenos, ensuring satisfied, repeat customers.

All the diamonds sold by Peter Marco are certified by the GIA, the highest standard to which diamonds are held, and the experts on staff are happy to educate customers about the many factors at play when selecting diamonds and other precious stones. Whether shopping for an engagement ring or a full necklace, bracelet, and earring suite, Peter Marco’s perpetually curated collections are certain to offer something for even the most demanding clientele.

Jason of Beverly Hills – The Best Men’s Jewelry Collections in Los Angeles

Catering specifically to the trendsetting icons of film, music, sports, and fashion, Jason Arasheben’s boutique was established in 2002, and has been shocking the luxury jewelry market with its over the top, outrageously daring approach to diamond and other fine jewelry ever since. His clientele includes African, European, and Middle Eastern royalty, as well as American cultural icons like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian.

The ladies collection at JBH features an eclectic array earring, bracelet, necklace pendant, and ring designs. Bracelets include everything from a diamond studded angel wing cuff bracelet to a perfectly square bangle of white and black diamonds, and pendant designs range from a cupcake of pink sapphires and cognac diamonds set in rose gold to a three dimensional rib cage of black diamonds with a ruby heart suspended within. The earrings at JBH are similarly diverse, and include everything from pave set diamond lightning bolts to white diamond and yellow gold earrings designed to resemble octopus tentacles.

A full line of men’s jewelry available at JBH includes bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and accessories all designed to make the wearer stand apart. Black and white diamond skull cufflinks or mesh bracelets featuring bullets are certainly eye catching, as are pendants and necklaces that depict everything from aliens and pharaohs to dog tags and hand grenades. A variety of “floating” themed pieces feature various precious stones that appear to float in an encased fluid within the jewelry item.

Jason of Beverly Hills also has a line of custom designed watches, called Dunamis Timepieces, which include 25 jewel Swiss automatic movements and tiny diamonds floating in what appears to be a liquid diamond dial.

Peter Norman Jewelers – The Best Custom Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

Peter Norman Jewelers has been crafting fine jewelry for over 35 years, and is known for their fine diamond and platinum pieces. With a reputation built on high quality craftsmanship and building lasting relationships with their clients, Peter Norman Jewelers strives to make the jewelry buying experience both comfortable and memorable.

Starting with GIA or EGL certified diamonds, the GIA certified gemologists at Peter Norman Jewelers create engagement rings and wedding bands based on their own designs, or will work directly with customers to craft unique, one-of-a-kind wedding jewelry items. Available engagement ring design options include everything from traditional diamond solitaires to cushion cut, halo rings to boldly angular emerald cut diamond rings. Wedding bands range from cushion cut diamond eternity bands in platinum to rings with straight baguette cut, channel set diamonds.

Other fine jewelry available at Peter Norman includes a full selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and a variety of rings featuring colored gemstones like Peruvian opal, green beryl, and pink sapphires. From platinum and diamond chandelier earrings to a pear shaped cognac diamond pendant with rose cut diamond and briolette accents, Peter Norman’s fine work embraces a number of fashion styles.

Irene Neuwirth Jewelry – The Best Celebrity Designer Jewelry in Los Angeles

Focusing mainly on modern and sophisticated design motifs, Irene Neuwirth Jewelry began making jewelry on her own in 2003, and met with tremendous success, selling her work through Barneys New York. She opened her own flagship store on Melrose Place in West Hollywood in 2014, and her work has been consistently featured in the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle. Inspired by the power, purity, and color palate of the Pacific Ocean, Irene Neuwirth’s designs often incorporate raw-cut gems and asymmetric patterns to accentuate a bold and confident look. Her jewelry has also been embraced by many from Hollywood’s A-list, including Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, Amy Poehler, and Angelina Jolie.

Much of Neuwirth’s work mixes rough-cut precious and semi-precious stones, including colored stones like turquoise, green chrysoprase, along with diamonds. From the simplicity of a 2.18 carat green tourmaline ring set in 18k satin gold or a 6.5 carat rough-cut aquamarine pendant set with 18k satin gold, to an elaborate chrysoprase flower necklace or the lush look of chrysoprase and diamond drop earrings, Ms. Neuwirth’s work strikes a fine balance between “bold fashion statement” and “femininity.” While the core of her work features moonstone, labradorite and pavé diamond work, she does incorporate a full palette of colored stones, including lapis lazuli, rose quartz, carnelian, and many more.

Victor Canera – The Best Handmade Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles County

As a third generation jeweler, Victor Canera has been a part of the jewelry business since age 12. Learning all aspects of the family business, and graduating from the GIA in 1996, Victor turned his attention to the old world sensibilities that informed the great jewels created in the 1920s and 30s. All the jewelry items produced by Victor Canera are hand-forged, crafted completely by hand, with no wax casting or modern technology. Each piece may be constructed from dozens of parts, assembled by master craftsmen to create the one-of-a-kind finished jewelry item.

The full wedding collection at Victor Canera features a variety of styles, from the classic round brilliant solitaire in hand-forged platinum to a vintage inspired French Cut Halo Solitaire which features intricate filigree work, and a delicate, milgrain bezel. The earrings, bracelets, and necklaces at Victor Canera are of a similar feel, created in a variety of vintage inspired styles. Necklaces include an Art Deco fancy yellow and pink diamond pendant, and Victor Canera’s earrings run the gamut from classic four prong studs to vintage inspired platinum drop earrings. Bracelets span from the simplest of platinum bangles to an elaborate oval, round, and marquise diamond link bracelet.

The exquisite artistry of Victor Canera’s work embodies the passion and artistry of a bygone era, embracing jewelry making techniques nearly lost today. His exceptional work must truly be seen to be appreciated.

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