Terms & Conditions

When Shipping Items to Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers

By sending my item(s) to Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer (hereafter referred to as “LAJB”) for a free verbal appraisal & cash offer, I (hereafter referred to as the “Seller”) agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

1. The Seller confirms that they are the legal and rightful owners of the items that they are shipping and selling to LAJB.

2. The Seller agrees to ship their items to LAJB only by FedEx Overnight with the free shipping label provided to them by LAJB. If the Seller ships their item to LAJB in any other manner, LAJB assumes no responsibility for items lost or damaged during shipping.

3. If an item is lost or damaged during FedEx shipment with the free shipping label provided by LAJB, the Seller will be paid the insured amount that was established prior to shipping.

4. LAJB assumes responsibility for the Seller’s item while it is in LAJB’s possession. If the item is damaged or lost while in LAJB’s possession, LAJB will pay the Seller the insured amount that was established prior to shipping.

5. LAJB will open the Seller’s package under video surveillance, and will evaluate and (when relevant), weigh and test the items included in the package. LAJB will then compare its findings to the details received from the Seller prior to submission of the item.

6. If the Seller declines LAJB’s cash offer, LAJB agrees to ship the item back free of charge and fully insured at LAJB’s expense.

7. After acceptance of LAJB’s cash offer, LAJB shall issue payment within 48 hours on business days (Monday – Friday), unless otherwise indicated by email. Payment will be made via direct bank wire transfer, company check, or cashier’s check, whichever the Seller prefers.

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