Shipping Tips for Sellers

Selling Jewelry from Home in Los Angeles County

Shipping Diamonds Los AngelesSecurely Package Your Merchandise

TIP: Use packaging material such as bubble wrap or paper to prevent your gems/jewelry from rattling inside the box. Secure the lid of the box with heavy-duty tape.

REASON: You do not want any person to be able to shake the box and listen for what kind of object might be inside.


Diamond AppraisalsInclude Supplementary Sales Materials (If Any)

TIP: Be sure to include any supplementary sales materials such as the original receipt or gift box, as well as any lab reports or authenticity certificates that you might have.

REASON: While not necessary, these materials can make the appraisal process easier and could result in you receiving a higher cash offer.


Shipping Diamond JewelryDouble Box Your Shipment

TIP: Securely package your merchandise in a small box, and then place that box inside a larger box. Secure the small box inside the larger box with tape. On the outside of the larger box attach your free FedEx shipping label.

REASON: Using two boxes will add weight to the package and disguise the contents.


Secure Shipping of JewelryUse Only Our Free FedEx Shipping Label

TIP: Use ONLY the free shipping label provided to you by Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer. We have a built-in risk management system that ensures the security of your item.

REASON: Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer guarantees your package through its insurance provider G4S International Logistics only on packages that are shipped to us with the free FedEx label that we provide you.


1. Use packing material like bubble wrap or paper.

2. Double box your shipment for extra protection.

3. Add extra weight and volume to small packages like diamond rings.

4. Use our free FedEx shipping label.

5. Get a scanned receipt from the FedEx agent.


1. Don’t send gems/jewelry in a FedEx envelope.

2. Don’t write a value or reference to gems/jewelry anywhere on the box.

3. Don’t reveal the contents of your package to the FedEx agent.

4. Don’t drop your package into a FedEx drop box.

5. Don’t share your FedEx tracking number with anyone.

Download and print a PDF of the these shipping tips HERE.

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