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Jewelry Buyers of Los Angeles Written by Fletcher Blackburn

As the owner of Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer, I help people leverage the wealth that is stored in their fine jewelry boxes. Our clients decide to sell their old jewelry for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes it’s due to financial necessity. Other times, it’s because they wish to liquidate a Los Angeles estate or take advantage of a spike in gold prices.

Another reason people sell their jewelry is less obvious. But in recent years, it has become increasingly popular: self-discovery and personal growth. Selling your gold and diamond jewelry as a journey toward self-discovery might seem like an odd concept at first. But when we explore the idea deeper, it begins to make sense.

Many of our possessions wield emotional power. And perhaps none hold greater power than fine jewelry. We purchase and receive jewelry to celebrate the most emotionally rich experiences of our lives. A mature woman’s jewelry box often reads like a diary of her most treasured moments and milestones. But, at the same time, it can contain hidden resentments and unresolved emotions—all of which can impede her continued growth and happiness.

Many professional women have become aware of this fact. And now they are taking full advantage of the financial and emotional power hidden inside their jewelry boxes. By conducting a thorough evaluation and downsizing of their fine jewelry collections, they are taking important steps toward a more fulfilling and enriching life.

Having witnessed the transformations that can take place through this process, I have decided to write down the steps that others can follow if they wish to take this journey too.

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Step 1: How to Choose What Jewelry to Keep

The fine jewelry that you keep should be a mirror of your soul—one that reflects the interior design of your spirit. So before surveying your jewelry box, spend some time in quiet contemplation. Start by taking a financial and emotional inventory of where you are now in your life. Meditate on all of the things you love and why you love them. What do you still yearn for (financially & emotionally)? What in life continues to stir your passion in a positive way? Then think about what you dislike and the reasons for those feelings.

After completing this personal meditation, slowly browse your fine jewelry box. While your entire collection may still be beautiful in your eyes, focus attention on your feelings. Take special note of those items which still excite you and bring a smile to your face—and which ones don’t.

As you look at the jewelry from your past relationships or marriage, ask yourself what those items truly mean to you on the soul level. After a relationship has ended, an item like a diamond ring usually signifies a mixed bag of conflicting emotions: love & hate, joy & sadness, satisfaction & regret—all of which creates a dissonance that hinders our successful journey through life.

Don’t let fine jewelry (or other expensive things) fetter you to the past when it is time to let go. It’s okay of course to keep mementos of old relationships to remind you of where you have been, but a photograph of a joyful moment can serve as a more vivid and useful reminder than fine jewelry.

Let’s now turn our attention to your fashion-driven designer jewelry. Many professional women have a few items in their jewelry box which they view as “status” items. These are the earrings, necklaces, or bracelets that symbolize their full arrival into adulthood, successful careers, and mature relationships.

Ask yourself whether these expensive accessories are still necessary to maintain your feelings of self-worth and accomplishment. Remember that life is a journey of evolution, not acquisition. Consider the wealth that is stored in your status jewelry, and whether or not you could use that money in ways that better fulfill your current dreams and aspirations.

While taking inventory of the rest of your designer jewelry, remember that what you wear affects your experiences and how others experience you. Consider the style of the person you are today and the person you wish to be 5 years from now. The future “you” might include a return to past passions and interests—ones that were suppressed as you grew older. Therefore, you might decide that it’s the small, quirky, and inexpensive jewelry that you choose to keep, while the most expensive gold and diamond jewelry is placed on the sell pile.

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Step 2: How to Sell the Jewelry You’ve Outgrown

After selecting which jewelry to keep and which to sell, you may have second thoughts about some items. That is understandable. Selling fine jewelry with strong sentimental value is never easy. To let go of your jewelry gracefully and without regrets, you must pay respect to all of the emotions (both positive and negative) that are attached to them.

Never try to side-step second thoughts by quickly selling your jewelry just to “get it over with and move on.” Your jewelry may be gone, but the emotions fettering you to your past have not. For example, quickly selling your engagement ring and wedding band after a divorce will not release you from the emotional baggage that was/is attached to them. You must deal with everything that jewelry symbolizes and means to you before letting it go.

To help this process along, pick up your jewelry and hold it for a while. Acknowledge and try to fully understand every emotion that is tied to it, especially the negative ones (otherwise those emotions will remain unresolved). If the jewelry is from a broken relationship, don’t look to assign blame or stew over regrets. Simply honor the past and all it has taught you. Then with a forgiving heart release these emotions to make way for your continued growth.

Once you have paid respect to the jewelry you are planning to sell, it’s time to honor the fine jewelry you plan to keep. The best way to honor your jewelry is not by hiding it away in a box. But by displaying it in a manner where you can see it daily—this is especially true of heirloom jewelry which you may rarely (if ever) wear. Explore jewelry box alternatives like small glass cases for individual items (which can be placed on shelves), jewelry trees, and armoires. Honoring the jewelry you have kept in this manner will make it even easier to let go of the jewelry that’s now on the sell pile.

When it comes to choosing a jewelry buyer and receiving a fair cash offer, the quickest rule of thumb is to work only with those buyers who have a strong reputation, are registered with the Better Business Bureau, and provide free jewelry appraisals. Contact several of these buyers for a free appraisal and cash offer. Then choose the buyer who provides you with the best offer and makes you feel the most comfortable.

For more detailed advice and tips, please visit our knowledge area, which is filled with articles on how to sell fine jewelry, diamonds, and luxury watches, as well as how to leverage these gift assets for a fast cash loan: LAJB Knowledge Corner.

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Step 3: How to Spend the Money From Your Jewelry Sale

Once you have sold your jewelry, it’s time to decide how to spend that money in a way that will enrich your life and/or the lives of your loved ones. Every tree starts with a seed, and the money you received from selling your old jewelry is the seed money for your future prosperity—both internally and externally.

We can’t enrich ourselves emotionally and spiritually while stressing over debt. So, if you have any financial problems that must be resolved quickly, do take care of those first. Once your financial house is in order, try not to make any impulse decisions. Wait a while and meditate on all the possible ways you can use your cash windfall.

Taking an overdue vacation is one way that some people use the money from the sale of their fine jewelry. And that is perfectly fine. Sometimes a vacation is what we really need to rediscover ourselves and rejuvenate our spirits. But also think more deeply about the ways in which you can use this money to fulfill “the real” you.

Make a list of your primary interests and passions. Think about the things that you’ve always wished to become better at or try for the first time. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to play the piano, take a Bikram Yoga class, or go skydiving. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to start a website to sell vintage clothes or educate the world about a cause you’re passionate about. Push the boundaries of what you are doing with your life! By doing so, you’ll not only enrich yourself, but others too.

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