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When you sell diamond jewelry or fine timepieces to Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer, your satisfaction is guaranteed by owner Carl Blackburn, one of the must trusted and recognized estate buyers in the United States.

Carl works closely with his Los Angeles buying agent on every major jewelry and watch purchase, ensuring that you receive the best cash offer possible for your large carat diamond rings and other valuable estate jewelry.

The video above shows a KUSI TV News report that was aired in 2009, when Carl was the owner of San Diego Jewelry Buyers. Former CNN anchor Sasha Foo talks with Carl in order to learn how to sell gold jewelry safely and for a fair cash price.

Read below what clients are saying about their experience selling their fine jewelry and watches to Carl Blackburn, and you’ll understand why so many people rank Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer as the best place to sell valuable estate jewelry in Los Angeles, CA.

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“I was interested in selling my Men’s Rolex Oyster Submariner watch vintage 2006. I considered selling on eBay but rejected the idea because they charge a 10% sales commission and since it would be a PayPal transaction I would not see the money from the sale for 21 days. I did a Google search and found Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will purchase used Rolex watches. After sending them an email, I received a prompt phone call from Paula Dabney.”

“Afterwards we communicated through regular emails and phone calls. She provided every detail including; an insurance policy, FedEx labels and shipping costs, prompt appraisals and an overnight wire transfer to my bank! She was extremely polite, professional and knowledgeable throughout the transaction. I had reservations about sending them my watch through the mail. I researched the company and found Mr. Blackburn to be highly reputable. Paula was the best! I wish every selling experience would be so enjoyable. I highly recommend! Thank you Paula.” – Daniel Springer Via Google Reviews (06/19/15)

My first transaction with DEJB was recently completed. I found all aspects to be extremely profession, efficient and courteous. Paula was the contact person who guided me through the process and was most impressive. I believe I received a fair price for the item and am very satisfied. Currently, I hope to conduct future business with the company. – Mike B. Via Yelp Reviews (05/15/15)

“I can’t say enough about the professionalism and excellent service I received from Carl and Jackie at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I was interested in selling a diamond from a ring that I had. At my appointment, I was given a thorough explanation on the process of selling a diamond, as well as a recommendation to obtain an independent certification prior to determining a price. After receiving this information, Carl made me a generous offer and was very patient while I took some time to decide if this was the right decision. I would wholeheartedly recommend Carl as your first and last stop for selling your estate jewelry.” – Kate H. Via Yelp (04/22/15)

“Excellent service. I sold them my old watch that got too small for my wrist. The price paid was at the upper end of what I was quoted elsewhere and the entire process took 3 days. If you want to avoid the hassle of eBay, this is the way to go. Paula is great to work with.” – Dima V. Via Yelp (02/18/15)

“I was referred to Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers by a company in San Francisco when I first decided to sell my Rolex watch. In my case, the whole transaction was handled by Paula D. who was very professional from the way she answers the phone, to her expertise and excellent customer service. Paula quoted me a price from pictures that I had sent and she said that barring any unforseen circumstances that price would hold. She made the shipping easy and when they received it, true to her word, the price held and I received my money via wire the same day. I highly recommend them.” – James Cooper Via Google Reviews (01/03/15)

“Thanks to Paula I had a great experience, she was great to work with and I received top dollar for my ring. As far as selling it to a diamond and gold exchange, I contacted both local and on line companies and they were definitely the best in turn around time and payment. The only bad thing was that I had to part with my ring. Other than that it was a very pleasant experience. Great customer service. Would I use her and Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers again? YES!” – Alicia Bernier Via Google Reviews (09/10/14)

“One of the best companies I have ever dealt with. I would definitely do business with this company. I was never passed around to different sales people; I dealt with Paula Dabney from beginning to the end of my sale. The offers are fair and for me this company is very trustworthy. I live in northern CA and this company is in southern CA; however Paula reassured me and there was never any pressure. The wire transfer was on time and accurate and correct. Also this company is registered with BBB in San Diego. I would not hesitate to do business with this company in the future.” – Don S. Via Yelp Reviews (07/14/14)

“This is an exceptional estate jewelry store. I have had two successful transactions with them. Paula and Carl are professional and extremely efficient. They purchased my estate pieces within 2 days and handled everything for me, it really could not have been easier! I would refer them to anyone needing to purchase or sell jewelry.” – Violet B. Via Yelp Reviews (08/10/14)

“I have been working with Carl and Paula for the past couple weeks. I shipped in my rings, they were very prompt to get back to me and gave me a great deal! Very professional! Insured my shipping and made me feel like a very important customer! I am very pleased with their service and highly recommend them!” – Angie R. Via Yelp Reviews (05/12/14)

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“Easy, fast, fair and incredibly professional. I recently sold a diamond to Carl Blackburn of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. Even though I was a seller, he treated me like a customer, with the utmost respect, every step of the way. The diamond was GIA certified, so I had the chance to shop it around to diamond buyers all around the US. Most gave me price ranges until they could see the diamond (and subsequently lower the price when they did, unfortunately as I learned firsthand).

“Very good experience – first time selling a fairly expensive watch. Prompt and professional service, everything worked as described very smoothly. Would highly recommend dealing with this company.” – Paul McCreedy Via Google Reviews (02/25/14)

Carl offered a fair & generous price that was FIRM. He was honest & easy to work with – NO GAMES and always responsive in his communication. He covered the cost of insuring and mailing the diamond to him and even offered me the savings on sending the check if he didn’t have to pay for express shipping. I highly recommend working with Carl Blackburn and Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.” – Kim W. Via Yelp Reviews (02/25/14)

“I’d recently made a difficult decision to sell a ring set, and had spent time online looking for a professional and trustworthy jewelry buyer. After some research, I found Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I called them and immediately received a call back from the owner himself, Carl Blackburn. He was very friendly, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and laid out all the options available to sell my jewelry without any sales pressure whatsoever. He gave me an estimate by phone, and once I made my decision to sell to him, he did everything that he could to make the process as easy as possible for me. I then received my money right away, with no hassles or delays. Carl has a level of integrity that’s uncommon in the business world, and I would recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to anyone without hesitation, as well as use them again in the future myself.” – C.M Via Yelp Reviews (01/16/14)

“I recently did business with Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. We contacted them through a message on their website which they responded promptly. I had a good feeling about them from that first conversation. There was no pressure and they were very educational. Very easy and straightforward process.” – Kevin Laird, Via Google Reviews (01/3/14)

“Carl made me and my mom feel at home when we came to sell her diamond rings here. He gave us the maximum for what we had and it’s is safe to say both parties were very satisfied. Carl represents the highest standards in ethics and business professionalism. We definitely recommend him to anyone needing to sell their precious gems.” – Sergio G., Via Yelp Reviews (04/06/13)

“Without a doubt, Carl offers top-flight customer service in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Carl immediately puts you at ease with his warm and genuine personality, and before long you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. On top of that, he offers the best prices. You’ll save a lot of time if you go straight to him rather than wasting your energy running around checking out other dealers. I now consider myself one of Carl’s long-term customers, and he’s never disappointed me once. What strikes me the most is the unfailing professionalism and efficiency with which he handles every transaction. I can’t recommend him more highly.” – J. Adler, Via Yelp Reviews (04/16/13)

“I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I was very pleased at the quick response I received from the owner directly. I sold my diamond ring at a very fair price and had great service from all involved. Thank you guys so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you!” Hanah Maher, Via Google Reviews (2013)

“I could not have hoped for a better experience than I had working with Carl. I was gifted a watch that I didn’t need. I considered selling it online, but all my research on the value of the item raised more questions than answers. Also, I haven’t had the best experiences with online auction sites. Carl shared a wealth of information about my watch and its resale value. I was completely comfortable with the process. I would highly recommend his service to anybody.” – Marco C., Via InsiderPages (05/03/10)

“My experience with Carl was excellent. A number of things impressed me, but of course the best part was the very fair prices that Carl gave me for my jewelry. He took the time to explain the process to me and what aspects were considered in the amount I would get for my unwanted jewelry. Really super experience.” – Via MojoPages (02/17/10)

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“Carl is highly professional and a pleasure to work with. My Mom lives on the East coast and is now sending me her old gold jewelry to take to Carl–that’s how much we think of him. Thank you, Carl! Update: Went back with Mom’s jewelry. As anticipated, Carl was exceptionally professional and Mom is happy, too! Thank you, Carl! I’m telling all my friends and colleagues about you.” – Via MojoPages (11/04/09)

“Fast, friendly and professional. I met with several other jewelry buyers first and will never make that mistake again. Carl will be getting my business from now on. He gave me the best price and the best experience. I HIGHLY recommend him.” – Tanya B., Via InsiderPages (06/18/09)

“I had never sold jewelry before, but Carl made me feel right at ease. I watched as he went through my pieces. At no time did I feel like he was misleading me or not giving me a more than fair transaction.” – Doreen, Via Yahoo Reviews (05/16/13)

“I met today with Carl Blackburn to sell some old family jewelry. I was EXTREMELY pleased with Carl’s professionalism, and with the friendliness of Carl. Because of my great experience selling jewelry today, I look forward to meeting with Carl next week, to sell more unused family jewelry.” – Pete, Via MojoPages (10/14/09)

“If you want quick, easy, honest and painless, then go see Carl Blackburn. I was in & out of his office shorter than standing in line at a popular restaurant. He was referred to me by a co-worker who had researched online selling her gold. She, then another co-worker, tested the waters with Carl. To our pleasant surprise we found him to be a professional businessman…rare these days.” – Terry Gonzalez, Via InsiderPages (01/12/10)

“This was the first time I have ever sold any of my gold jewelry so I was a bit nervous since I have heard of all the scams out there. What a relief when we met with Carl. He is very personable, friendly and professional. He answered all of our questions without hesitation. I thought he was very straightforward and knowledgeable. He will weigh your items in front of you and for the items that he cannot read the stamp on he will test them. He even explained the testing process to us. He was very upfront and explained the steps he uses to calculate the prices he pays. Wow what a surprise, I thought I was going to get a lot less then what he actually paid. I definitely walked away feeling like I had been treated very fairly.” – Michelle, Via InsiderPages (03/08/10)

“Thank you Carl for the cash today! I borrowed money on a diamond bracelet that I plan to get back in a couple months when I get my finances sorted. I was nervous but Carl made everything easy, and he explained exactly why I was getting the price they were offering. Very cool.” – Jaqui G., Via Yelp Reviews (02/24/09)

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“Carl was very friendly and helpful. He answered all questions, did all testing in front of me, and when I walked out approx 45 minutes later, I received more cash than I expected. I think I received a very fair price according to what I learned on the net. Carl, I’ll think about bringing that other item down to you if I decide I want to sell it.” – Barry, Via MojoPages (03/26/10)

“I had shopped many different buyers and had even sold some gold thinking I was getting a great price. After meeting with Carl I found that he truly pays top dollar and I will not go anywhere else. He was both friendly and professional and really took the time to look at my jewelry before offering a price. When I left his store I did not feel that I had just been scammed as I had in a previous transaction. Do not waste your time with anyone else. I recommend Carl to all my family and friends. Feel confident in the fact that you will get the best deal around!” – Robin L., Via InsiderPages (10/10/09)

“For quite awhile I had been thinking about selling some old gold jewelry that was broken and/or that I no longer wear, but I kept putting it off because I was not sure it would be worth my time and also I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with a buyer. I was really very hesitant because I have heard a lot of negative things about the places where you send your gold off in an envelope etc. However, I did some research on the internet and found nothing but positive comments about Carl Blackburn so I decided to visit him even though I was not sure if my few broken pieces were worth their time–I could not have been more wrong! Carl was extremely nice and patient with my many questions and stayed past his usual closing time. It was a pleasure to deal with Carl and the amount I was paid for my gold was a VERY pleasant surprise. I highly recommend visiting Carl or at least giving him a call if you have any gold or jewelry to sell.” – Debi, Via MojoPages (09/09/09)

“Excellent. Got a good price for my Rolex and Carl gave us the best service.” – Via Yahoo Reviews (05/21/09)

“Carl is the best. He did a superb job of explaining the process and how he determines what to pay for incoming jewelry. I was pleased w/ the experience and feel very fortunate that I used him for the sale of my jewelry.” – Sarah B., Via InsiderPages (02/17/10)

“After a few stops at some local pawn shops, I came to see Carl with the small yellow folders which had been given to me by one of the pawn shop owners. These small folders contained the gold I was trying to sell. Each folder had been marked with the karat of gold contained within. Carl took the folders and began opening them one by one, placing them in small piles. Visually piece by piece he inspected the jewelry and to both mine and Carl’s disbelief most of the pieces were not what the pawn shop said they were. The folders that supposedly contained 10kt were actually 14kt! Can you believe that? Carl Blackburn is very knowledgeable, kind and honest. It was a pleasure to have met him and I highly recommend stopping by to see him when you are looking to sell jewelry. Thank you Carl!” – Via Yahoo Reviews (07/15/09)

“My sister recommended me and I’m glad I went. Carl is honest and friendly. He took his time to explain the whole process in buying my jewelry. I was impressed. I also didn’t expect to receive the amount of money that I did.” – Via Google Reviews (2010)

“I recently moved to San Diego and had old gold jewelry that I wanted to sell. After speaking with Carl over the phone, I felt quite comfortable with his pricing strategy and therefore made an appointment. He was very professional and hospitable and I got a great deal on my gold. Definitely recommend going to him.” – Christa D., Via InsiderPages (12/11/2009)

“Excellent, knowledgeable, helpful… and most points for being very entertaining. Carl was very personable, friendly, and also bought my jewelry for the highest rates. What he wasn’t able to provide me offers on, he gave me solid and helpful advice and tried to refer me to others who could help me out. Thank you again! – Via Yahoo Reviews (12/25/08)

“This was our second dealing with Carl. My wife and I highly recommend him for selling gold/jewelry.” – Via Google Reviews (2010)

“Carl bought some old junk gold jewelry from me and I found some new jewelry for my wife for X-mas! He offered me a fair price for my scrap and took care of me on an eternity band just in time for the holiday. Now I look like a hero, and still have cash in my pocket from the deal! Thanks Carl!” – Timothy M., Via InsiderPages (12/22/08)

“Carl was very professional and courteous in the gold selling process. He walked us through each step so we knew what to expect. We received more cash than we thought! We would definitely recommend his business to our friends and family.” – Tami P., Via InsiderPages (03/22/10)

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