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Are you ready to sell an engagement ring in Los Angeles? Want to know where to sell jewelry or how to sell an engagement ring?

An engagement ring buyer can help. Los Angeles Diamond Ring Buyers are here to help you sell that engagement ring confidently for a fair cash offer.

We serve clients throughout Los Angeles County. Also, we leverage decades of expertise in large diamonds and estate jewelry. Doing so enables us to appraise the market value of your diamond ring accurately.

In addition to buying engagement rings, our estate jewelry buyers also purchase all types of bridal jewelry. Our five-star reputation comes from customers getting the best possible cash return on previously-owned diamond rings and jewelry.

Selling a diamond ring to Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer is fast, secure, and accessible. Firstly, it all starts with a free verbal appraisal of your diamond engagement ring, followed by an immediate cash offer. So, no hard sales tactics. Just an honest and fair cash offer on your engagement ring, wedding band, and other bridal jewelry.


How do I contact you for an appointment?

You have four options:

1. Call our direct number at 310-499-4535 and speak to a team member.

2. Request an appointment by text at 310-896-8623.

3. Email us at

4. Fill out our contact form by clicking the button:

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Once I’ve contacted you, what happens next?

Initially, we’ll usually ask a few questions about your diamond ring and request a couple of pictures. We’ll also ask for documentation such as a certificate or an appraisal you have for your diamond. However, it’s ok if you don’t have either.

The reason is to best consult you on the value and options for selling your diamond ring before you visit. Of course, this is a valuable free service we offer our clients. You can determine what price to expect from the comfort of your home and at no cost to you.

Therefore, please think of us as your personal diamond consultant. After a brief conversation, you can decide if you want to make an appointment for an in-person evaluation.


Do you have an office in Los Angeles where I can sell an engagement ring?

Yes, our main office is at 2512 Artesia Blvd #300E, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. We also have several satellite office locations throughout Los Angeles County. These are in Beverly Hills, Encino, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Ontario, Riverside, Downtown LA, and Santa Monica.

Alternatively, please inquire about meeting at one of our executive satellite office locations.

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Reviews for Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers

Sell high end diamond ring

“I had a high end diamond ring that I needed to sell as part of an estate. I was not looking forward to the process and several local jewelers wanted the piece for almost free. Since I knew the insured value, I was very frustrated. I contacted Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer and I was immediately contacted by Paula Dabney. She was awesome to work with and the process was so easy and the price I was offered, and accepted, was fair and worthy of the beauty and value of the ring.

I would highly recommend this business if you want to work with true professionals. They made the process so easy by taking care of everything. I can’t believe they made everything so safe and simple to complete. All I can say is THANKS Paula and LAJB.”

Sue M. Yelp Reviews

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Exceptional diamond engagement ring Buyer

“I sold a diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring. Paula was exceptional to work with. She answered all of my questions and assuaged any concerns that I had. I know the price I got was fair, as I had a prior gemologist look at the rings, but I was not comfortable dealing with that outfit for reasons other than the price. I am comfortable with my decision to sell, and I know I got the best offer I could get at this time. I highly recommend Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer. Thank you, Paula, for all the time you spent with me. You have immense patience and empathy.”

Barbara M. Yelp Reviews

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What is the process to sell an engagement ring at your office?

We will inspect the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. We inspect the diamond, for clarity (imperfections inside the diamond) and cut, under 10 x magnification. Then we place it on a white paper next to our color comparison stones. Doing so determines its color, which can range from D to Z. Lastly, we check the weight of the stone.

If you visit us to sell a diamond ring or a loose diamond, the process is similar. However, when you sell a loose diamond, we weigh it on a diamond scale. That’s instead of calculating the weight with a hand leverage gauge. We do all this in your presence.


How long does it take to sell my diamond ring to you?

Once in our office, it usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to sell your diamond ring.


How do you pay when I sell an engagement ring?

We pay you in full at the appointment. Payment is made by business check, bank cashier’s check, or wire transfer.


What are your buying hours?

Monday to Friday 11 to 5.

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What is the difference between a retail appraisal and a dealer’s offer for my diamond ring?

A retail appraisal describes the details of your diamond ring and what it would sell for in a jewelry store. We also call this appraisal a retail replacement value. A retail appraisal is usually for insurance purposes. Insurance companies will cover your diamond ring based on the retail replacement value in the event of theft or loss. This has little to do with what a Los Angeles jewelry buyer would offer. A jewelry buyer’s offer is the price industry would pay for your diamond ring. It is based on how easily they could turn it around and sell it for a profit.


Is a diamond certificate of any use to you?

Yes. A GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Diamond Grading Report is the highest level of certification. This is what most dealers use, worldwide. If you have a GIA Diamond Grading Report, we can quote over the phone, by text or by email.

Less well-known certificates are useful for specific information such as carat weight, width, and depth. However, if it’s not GIA, we need to see the diamond to give you an accurate price.


Is a diamond appraisal any use to you?

With most diamond appraisals, there is information to help us understand your diamond’s specifics. However, this information is of limited use. That’s because the appraisal price doesn’t reflect the diamond ring’s value on the second-hand market. We need to see the diamond to quote accurately when you only have an appraisal.

Learn more about appraisals in our article: Los Angeles Diamond Appraisals.

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Would a jewelry store pay more, as they sell an engagement ring directly to a customer?

Sell engagement ring to jewelry store

Most jewelry stores don’t buy from the public. To begin with, it’s an added job that takes time they could use for selling.

Secondly, they don’t want to offer you a small fraction of what they’re selling their diamond jewelry for. That’s because doing so would reveal their profit margins. Selling back to a retailer works in other industries where prices are more standardized and published. For example, when selling luxury watches or automobiles. However, with jewelry, especially engagement rings, there’s a touch of romance and emotion involved in the customer experience.

It doesn’t make sense for jewelry stores to show a break-down of their price structure to customers. That’s because they don’t want you to know how much they mark-up their diamonds. An exception could be a trade-in scenario. Here, a jewelry store may work with their customers to trade-up for another purchase.

Next, and most importantly, jewelry stores have strong relationships with their suppliers. They provide stores with substantial credit terms, sometimes as much as 180 days or more. In some cases, jewelry stores will have their entire diamond inventory consigned to them from suppliers. In such circumstances, they only pay for the diamonds when they sell. With these supplier conditions, it isn’t practical for jewelry stores to spend money and time buying diamonds from the public.

Some large jewelry stores have a dedicated department in their store to buy diamonds from the public. However, these jewelry stores will pay you substantially less than they would a diamond supplier for the same item.

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Can I get more money by selling my diamond ring via an auction?

Sell engagement ring at auction

Auction houses take about 30% to 50% in commissions and buyer premiums. In the diamond industry, that’s a high selling fee. Additionally, you may incur costs for photography. That model may work for sellers of paintings or antique furniture where margins are more substantial.

However, diamonds have fixed material and manufacturing costs. Therefore, 30 % to 50% is a sizable proportion of the bottom line. To keep things in perspective, large online jewelry stores such as Blue Nile work on around a 20% margin.

If you have a rare diamond, such as a 5-carat vivid pink flawless, an auction could be a good option. That’s because you might attract international gem collectors, and a buying frenzy could compensate for the 30% to 50% in auction fees. However, for the vast majority of diamonds on the market, auctions aren’t feasible.

We have dedicated an entire section to this topic. If you want to learn more about selling diamonds through auction please read here: Should I Auction My Diamond Ring?


What factors determine how much I will lose when I sell an engagement ring?

There are several factors that determine how much you can sell a diamond ring for compared to the purchase price. For instance, three crucial factors are where you bought it; when you bought it; and whether you paid cash or financed it.

• Where You Purchased the Diamond Ring

Purchasing your diamond from a large jewelry store chain can bring heavier losses when you sell. That’s because large companies have significant management overheads, expensive rent, and strong shareholder demands for profit margins and growth. They are beholden to shareholders to maximize each sale. This is beneficial for shareholders, but not for consumers wanting to sell their diamond rings.

The second largest loss would come from reselling an engagement ring made by a heavily-advertised designer brand. With the exception of superbrands, most designer engagement rings sell at a small fraction of the retail price on the secondhand market. That’s because their mark-ups are higher than generic or local jewelry store brands. Also, most designer brands don’t have enough demand in the second-hand market to recover their high retail price. Superbrands include Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, or Graff.

• When You Purchased the Diamond Ring

During the economic boom between 1994 and 1999, there was a strong demand for luxury items such as diamonds. The economic surge leading to the housing bubble from 2002 to 2006 also saw increased buying activity. Of course, higher demand creates higher prices. Therefore, if you purchased your ring during these times, you will have paid a premium and see steeper losses.

• If You Financed Your Diamond Ring

Did you purchase your diamond with a credit card or finance it through the jewelry store? If so, you will pay interest, so your net cost will have increased. When you decide to sell your diamond, you may have a greater loss. That’s because you have to cover the interest payments. Many jewelry stores offer interest-free financing, but with steep penalties for missed payments.


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Who do you sell diamonds to?

Our network of clients are primarily independent jewelry stores throughout the country. We supply diamonds to many high-end independent jewelry stores in America. We are proud they rely on us for quality, service, and client support.


What about online companies offering to auction my diamond to hundreds of buyers?

This offer sounds great in theory. However, if those “buyers” are from the industry, the auction is taking a 30% margin for connecting you. Instead, why not sell directly to an industry buyer and cut out the middle-man?


Send a message below and tell us about the item you wish to sell.


    Our Los Angeles diamond buyers make premium cash offers for diamond engagement rings from all leading bridal jewelry brands. These include Philip Press, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Tacori, Cathy Waterman, Simon G., Scott Kay. Also, Michael Beaudry, Christopher Design, Ritani, Verragio, Jack Kelege, A. Jaffe, Jeff Cooper, and Kwiat.

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    For instance, learn why we are The Best Place to Sell a Diamond Ring in Los Angeles.

    Our diamond buyers and estate jewelers look forward to getting you the best possible price for your diamond ring today.

    A Brief City Profile of Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles’ temperate Mediterranean climate, miles of beaches, and affiliation with the motion picture industry is unique. It gives the city a laid back beach feel and cutting-edge vibe that embodies Southern California. Known as the “City of Angels” or simply “L.A.,” Los Angeles attracts people from all over the world.

    Today, Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the US. It boasts a diverse population, with large Hispanic and Asian communities.

    Los Angeles’ economy is focused on international trade, aerospace and finance. However, it is the entertainment industry that dominates the city, and it is home to Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox. L.A. is also famous for music recording and television. Certainly, many people call it the Creative Capital of the World. Also, more performing artists call L.A. home than any other city in the U.S.

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