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Learn About Collateral Loans & Los Angeles Pawn Shops

Pawn My Jewelry in Los Angeles Are you wondering, “Where can I pawn jewelry in Los Angeles?” or “Are there any alternatives to Los Angeles pawn shops?” If so, you are not alone. Pawning valuable estate jewelry and Swiss watches is one of the common methods that people use to obtain a collateral loan in Los Angeles, CA.

Traditional banks in Los Angeles don’t offer collateral loans on portable luxury assets. Instead, you have two other options: a Los Angeles pawn shop and a luxury lender like us: Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer.

Let’s start by providing a background on Los Angeles pawn shops and addressing some of the concerns that you likely have. Many people don’t wish to bring their large diamond ring or high-brand watch to a Los Angeles pawn shop for two reasons: the Los Angeles location and the expertise of the pawnbroker who is offering the loan.

Business location is a concern due to the fact that Los Angeles County pawn shops are often located in commercial neighborhoods that the customer considers unsafe, while other pawn shops are situated in very public areas that are anything but discreet.

These Los Angeles pawn shops often are stocked with a wide array of items ranging from laptop computers and plasma TVs to handguns and lawnmowers. Although these same Los Angeles pawn shops may have a large amount of gold & diamond jewelry on display, the items are largely mass market jewelry that has been pawned for the melt-down value of the gold and/or sterling silver.

Some Los Angeles pawn shops have improved their image in recent years, focusing on a more professional appearance and better customer service. These pawn shops may be located in a better part of Los Angeles County, with a staff that is cleaner cut and more well spoken than those seen on TV shows like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn.

However, as long as these Los Angeles pawn shops are still dealing in old computers, tool sets, fishing poles, and other miscellaneous items, it is difficult for them help clients who wish to obtain a large collateral loan with expensive fine jewelry & rare Swiss watches—as appraising the full value of these precious gift items requires a high-level of industry knowledge and experience.

As we mentioned earlier, Los Angeles pawn shops are not your only option for obtaining a collateral loan in Los Angeles County. There are luxury lenders like Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer who offer discreet collateral loans on large carat diamond rings, antique jewelry, precious gemstones, and collectable Swiss timepieces.

At ordinary Los Angeles pawn shops, your precious gift assets will be appraised; then a loan offer will be made based on that appraisal and several other factors. The size of this collateral loan and how it is calculated is a key difference between traditional Los Angeles pawn shops and a company like Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer.

Typical Los Angeles pawn shops are both retail stores and collateral lenders. For this reason, they are looking at your diamond jewelry or timepiece as a potential inventory item. As such, they will offer you roughly 50% of its wholesale value, or about 25% of what they can re-sell it for in their Los Angeles pawn shop. At Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer, however, we will offer closer to 100% of the wholesale value of your diamond ring, estate jewelry, or luxury watch.

Los Angeles pawn shops offer collateral loans that are much lower because of their business model, which is designed to make money two ways: 1) on the profit margin they’ve built in should you default on your loan and forfeit your item; and 2) on the interest you pay on your collateral loan.

At Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer, we offer cash loans that are closer to the full wholesale value of your previously-owned fine jewelry or watch, because our business model is based on earning money solely from the interest you pay on your loan, rather than the sale of your jewelry or timepiece should you fail to pay back your loan.

Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer can therefore offer a much larger cash loan (often up to 100% larger) for your estate jewelry and Swiss watches than ordinary Los Angeles pawn shops can.

We also need to consider the issue of expertise when discussing Los Angeles pawn shops. If the Los Angeles pawnbroker evaluating your luxury item is trained to evaluate all different kinds of collateral ranging from baseball cards and lawnmowers to tool sets and rifles, there is a good chance that when it comes to appraising your limited-edition Patek Philippe watch or Harry Winston diamond ring, they will want to “err on the side of caution.” That means if they are not 100% sure of your luxury asset’s true current market value, they will offer you a smaller collateral loan to stay on the safe side of the equation.

The pawn shop’s loan offer is then reduced even further when the Los Angeles pawnbroker takes into account the general “loan half of wholesale value” rule typical of most Los Angeles pawn shops. This is why so many consumers say things like “pennies on the dollar,” or “ridiculously low offer,” when describing some pawn shop experiences they’ve had in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer is different in that they employ a staff whose expertise is strictly focused in the area of valuable estate jewelry, diamonds & precious gemstones, and collectable timepieces. We know exactly how much your items are worth, and will sometimes loan you as much as 100% of their wholesale value.

Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer is able to make these larger collateral loans because we know exactly what an item is worth on the current market. Therefore, we can be very precise and correct on their collateral loan offer. In addition, because Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer’s business model does not depend on making a profit on the sale of your jewelry or timepiece (should you fail to pay back your loan), we can provide a collateral loan based on the item’s full wholesale value.

As collateral lenders, Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer provides you with the safest and most courteous environment in which to obtain a large collateral loan at interest rates lower than those levied by online pawn shops or traditional Los Angeles pawn shops.

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