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The Best Estate Jewelry BuyersLos Angeles Jewelry Buyer is one of the country’s most recognized and trusted buyers of high-brand designer jewelry, large carat diamond engagement rings, and rare precious gemstones.

Our Los Angeles clients can read below a sample of what clients have said over the years about selling their estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and valuable timepieces to our luxury estate buyers.

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Best value of the diamond

Extremely professional, kind, and intelligent staff. They didn’t just give me the quote, they answered all my questions and helped me to understand the specific reasons for the value of the diamond. I needed the money for medical bills for my daughter and it was nice to deal with people who I felt really work hard at, and care about getting the best price possible for the customer.

Jennifer T. Google Reviews

Extremely Responsive

“We contacted Carl at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer to sell approximately 25 pieces of estate jewelry. He was extremely responsive and followed up the same day. His secretary was fantastic getting us an appointment quickly. Carl spent a long time explaining the pricing, appraisals, value, and process and made us feel very comfortable selling to him. We are extremely pleased with the entire experience and will definitely recommend him to others!”

Belinda K. Google Reviews

Trustworthy & Expedient

“I recently completed some business with Los ANgeles Jewelry Buyer. I found them to be very professional and straight forward. Paula Dabney did exactly what she said she would do and precisely when she said she would do it. She made it easy to understand the value of my jewelry. In this uncertain world we live in it’s nice to work with a company that is trustworthy and expedient.”

Ron H. Yelp Reviews

Careful & Thorough

"Carl carefully and thoroughly examined each of my pieces. He explained his process and what he was looking for as he went along. I was very confident in his knowledge and skill. In the end, LAJB gave me substantially more for my pieces than I had previously been quoted. My meeting was enjoyable and I was not only extremely happy with the results, but also learned a lot about diamonds which I will use when considering the purchase of diamond jewelry in the future.”

Wendy H. Google Reviews

Incredibly Fair

"Selling a piece of diamond estate jewelry was so easy and they were fantastic to work with. The process was so easy and I believe the amount offered, and accepted, was incredibly fair. I was not looking forward to this process but now I know the best place to go and to recommend to anyone in this situation. Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer is a great company to work with. Thank you so much.”

Sue M. Google Reviews

Very Fair Offers

“I inherited several pieces of estate jewelry worth quite a bit of money. The pieces were gorgeous and very valuable but not my style. I made the decision to part with the pieces, trying a few different jewelry buyers in Los Angeles. I went to at least three or four, and either I didn’t like what they were offering me or wasn’t comfortable with the person I was dealing with.

So I waited. And started internet researching. I found Fletcher at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer and didn’t even have to leave my house for any of the transaction. Everything was done via email and photo attachments, then a seamless FedEx overnight shipment which they paid for. My jewelry was looked at and by 6pm that day I had a very fair offer for my pieces. They offered me almost twice as much as the first jeweler I had seen. We accepted the offer and the money was wired to our account within 24 hours.

Fletcher was super pleasant and prompt in communicating. He really knew what he was talking about and was an honest and all around nice guy. We are really pleased with our transaction.”

Sue F. Google Reviews

Informed & Comfortable

"I wanted to sell my Rolex that I don't wear anymore. Fletcher was so nice. He explained everything I needed to know about the condition and price. He really took the time to make sure I was informed and comfortable with my decision. He paid me right on the spot. I would definitely come back."

Cindy G. Google Reviews

Sell high end diamond ring

“I had a high end diamond ring that I needed to sell as part of an estate. I was not looking forward to the process and several local jewelers wanted the piece for almost free. Since I knew the insured value, I was very frustrated. I contacted Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer and I was immediately contacted by Paula Dabney. She was awesome to work with and the process was so easy and the price I was offered, and accepted, was fair and worthy of the beauty and value of the ring.

I would highly recommend this business if you want to work with true professionals. They made the process so easy by taking care of everything. I can’t believe they made everything so safe and simple to complete. All I can say is THANKS Paula and LAJB.”

Sue M. Yelp Reviews

Wonderful to Work With

“Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer is a pleasure to work with. I was in the jewelry business for 18 years and can tell you this is where you want to sell your pieces. I knew what I was selling was worth and LAJB were spot on. Paula was wonderful to work with and made the transaction very easy and simple. They deserve their five star rating.”

Jacque M. Yelp Reviews

Professional and Trustworthy Jewelry buyer

“I’d recently made a difficult decision to sell a ring set, and had spent time online looking for a professional and trustworthy jewelry buyer. After some research, I found Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer. I called them and immediately received a call back from the owner himself. He was very friendly, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and laid out all the options available to sell my jewelry without any sales pressure whatsoever.

He gave me an estimate by phone, and once I made my decision to sell to him, he did everything that he could to make the process as easy as possible for me. I then received my money right away, with no hassles or delays. They have a level of integrity that’s uncommon in the business world, and I would recommend Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer to anyone without hesitation, as well as use them again in the future myself.”

C.M. Yelp Reviews

Prompt & Courteous

“I had an excellent experience with Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer recently. Paula and Carl were confidential, professional and extremely knowledgeable. The prices offered for my pieces (some were unique antique pieces that other jewelers wouldn’t have taken the time to look at, let alone buy) were very, very good.

Paula’s responses to my emails and questions were prompt and courteous. I was treated with the utmost respect as a customer and would recommend them highly. The process was quick and I would do business with them again. Many thanks Paula and Carl!”

Shauna G. Yelp Reviews

Exceptional diamond engagement ring Buyer

“I sold a diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring. Paula was exceptional to work with. She answered all of my questions and assuaged any concerns that I had. I know the price I got was fair, as I had a prior gemologist look at the rings, but I was not comfortable dealing with that outfit for reasons other than the price. I am comfortable with my decision to sell, and I know I got the best offer I could get at this time. I highly recommend Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer. Thank you, Paula, for all the time you spent with me. You have immense patience and empathy.”

Barbara M. Yelp Reviews

Very Reassuring

“This was very new to me & Paula was absolutely wonderful! She was very reassuring, calming my nerves because I was very scared about sending my ring. Everything went beautiful. My ring arrived, I was given a quote & chose to have my setting returned for personal reasons. My setting arrived safely & not one diamond missing or damaged (3 sided diamond band). Plus my platinum setting prongs were not damaged. I can’t thank Paula enough for such an easy transaction that I was freaking out about! She’s is absolutely the Best to go to if you want to sell your diamond.”

Christine B. Google Reviews

Totally Professional

“Thank you so much Paula for your professional handling of my heirloom diamond. When we first talked on the phone, your totally professional and knowledgeable demeanor regarding the diamond business assuaged any trepidation I had about sending my diamond. I was impressed with the way you shopped my diamond to get me the best possible price. When we agreed on the price the money was wired to my account within the hour. Well done! I will not hesitate to recommend Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer to my friends and will tell them to ask for you by name!”

John P. Yelp Reviews

Excellent Service

“I can’t say enough about the professionalism and excellent service I received from Carl and Jackie at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer. I was interested in selling a diamond from a ring that I had. At my appointment, I was given a thorough explanation on the process of selling a diamond, as well as a recommendation to obtain an independent certification prior to determining a price.

After receiving this information, Carl made me a generous offer and was very patient while I took some time to decide if this was the right decision. I would wholeheartedly recommend Carl as your first and last stop for selling your estate jewelry.”

Kate H. Yelp Reviews

Easy & Accommodating

“I inherited a vintage Rolex. About 40 years old. Though I didn’t have the original paperwork or box, LAJB were open and interested in working with me. Paula Dabney was EASY, accommodating, knowledgeable and comforting during the process. The initial price she quoted me was the price we ultimately agreed on after inspection. The process was quick and efficient and any concerns or questions I had were answered promptly all along the way. I’d recommend checking out these folks if you’re interested in selling jewelry etc.”

B.C. Yelp Reviews

Goes Above & Beyond

“I can’t express how much LAJB will go to bat for you. Over a period of 2 weeks working with them on a piece of jewelry and a watch, I truly felt they understood the way my wife and I felt about those two pieces. I especially want to thank Paula and Jacqueline for going above and beyond to get us the cash to make my wife’s dreams come true. Thanks again to Paula and Jacqueline for a job well done.”

Darrell A. Google Reviews

Seamless Process

“Rarely do I gush about a business in a review, but in this case I will happily make an exception. Recently I decided to sell my old Rolex that I no longer wore. After reaching out to multiple potential buyers, Paula at LAJB provided the most competitive cash offer and made the process both fast and easy for me.

Each step of the very professional process was seamless, and within 48 hours of the initial estimate I had an incoming wire transfer for the full amount. No consignment offer, no contingencies, and no funny business. Highly recommended, I would certainly do business with them again.”

Lee F. Yelp Reviews

Delivered Good News

“Excellent service! My contact/sales person, Paula Dabney was very reassuring on phone and in the email exchanges in-between the consummation of the transaction over my Cartier wristwatch. More importantly and beyond the courtesy, was the consistency and commitment to their pledge to get me the best offer. Among several other buyers, Paula did deliver the good news as promised. Thank you Paula.”

Nduka I. Yelp Reviews

Really Glad

“After reading many of the reviews about LAJB on the internet, I decided to take the plunge and contact them about a vintage Rolex watch that belonged to my father and had been tucked away for about 40 years. Paula Dabney responded immediately and walked me through a very simple process to evaluate the watch and arrive at a fair price.

The entire transaction was very positive, and I am really glad I discovered this company. I would definitely recommend them and will certainly do business with them in the future if I have any other items of value to sell.”

Eileen D. Yelp Reviews

A Win-Win Situation

“Let me just say that I was pretty skeptical in the initial process of selling my Rolex watch. I had already been offered insultingly low amounts for my watch and was wondering whether I would ever find a decent jeweler to deal with. I stumbled upon this jeweler, and was very very impressed. Such a professional experience working with Paula D. I honestly was shocked at how great the experience and process went. Even the wiring of the funds went smoothly and immediately.

I honestly felt that it was a win win situation that I went ahead and had them look at my second watch which was a Cartier. In that circumstance again, the deal was handled very professionally and reasonably. I felt that working with Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer was a win-win for both of us. Highly recommend these folks and give them an A+ for customer service.”

Maria M. Yelp Reviews

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