Learn How to Sell Diamond Jewelry & Watches in Los Angeles, CA

How to Sell Diamond Jewelry Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer provides clients with the information they need to make smart decisions when selling their diamond estate jewelry & watches in Los Angeles, CA. You can count on us to help you make the best selling decision for your situation.

We believe in empowering our Los Angeles clients with more knowledge, better information, and friendlier service–instead of trying to persuade you with the hard sell tactics and “bonus” cash payments used by other Los Angeles jewelry buyers.

In the articles below, our Los Angeles estate buyers share with you the same information that we provide clients during our private consultations. If you need any further information about how to sell jewelry in Los Angeles, or how to obtain a large collateral loan for your precious gift assets, please call or email us with your questions.

Our Los Angeles jewelry buyers serve clients throughout Los Angeles County. We will be happy to assist you any way that we can, while always providing generous cash offers for your fine jewelry, diamonds, and luxury timepieces.

How to Sell Jewelry & Diamonds in Los Angeles

Should I Auction My Jewelry in Los Angeles?
Do you want to sell your estate jewelry, large carat diamond ring, or luxury watch in Los Angeles? Be sure to read this article before trying to sell your item at an online auction or Los Angeles auction house.

Selling Your Old Jewelry to Reinvigorate the Real You
Many of our possessions wield emotional power. And perhaps none hold greater power than fine jewelry. Learn how to harness that power for self-discovery & growth.

Learn How to Sell a Diamond Ring in Los Angeles
Learn how to sell your previously-owned diamond ring in Los Angeles, including advice on how to obtain a free appraisal of your large carat diamond ring.

Choosing a Jewelry Appraiser in Los Angeles
Looking to get a fine jewelry appraisal in Los Angeles? Learn how to get an accurate estate jewelry appraiser from a qualified appraiser in Los Angeles, CA.

How to Sell Jewelry in Los Angeles
Get expert advice on how to sell jewelry for cash in Los Angeles County, including the difference between selling estate jewelry and selling antique jewelry.

How to Sell an Engagement Ring in Los Angeles
Have you been wondering how to sell your engagement ring for cash in Los Angeles County? In this article, we will discuss your available options.

The Difference Between Los Angeles Estate Sales & Auctions
 Understand the pros and cons of holding a Los Angeles estate auction versus an estate sale, and the best way to sell your fine estate jewelry in Los Angeles, CA.

How to Identify Vintage & Antique Jewelry in Los Angeles
Learn how to identify your Los Angeles estate jewelry by style, hallmarks, and fittings.

What are Fancy Diamonds?
Read all about fancy diamonds (aka colored diamonds), including how they are graded and which fancy-colored diamonds are worth the most money.

What is Colored Gold?
Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer discusses the colors of gold in fine jewelry & how they are made, including info about white, green, blue, black & rose gold jewelry.

Learn About Diamond Treatments
Discover what it means when a diamond is enhanced, including what diamond treatments are accepted by the Los Angeles fine jewelry industry.

Los Angeles Estate Sale Guide
Are you planning to hold a Los Angeles estate sale? Read this article first for advice regarding how to get the most cash and choose the right estate liquidator.

Popular Diamond Shapes & Cuts
Get pictorial answers to what are the most popular diamond shapes and cuts, including Asscher, princess, radiant, emerald, oval, pear, cushion, and marquise.

How to Buy Happiness in Los Angeles
Learn how to smart-size your life in Los Angeles, so that you can make room for true happiness in the form of richer experiences and stronger relationships.

Choosing a Los Angeles Estate Sale Company
Learn how to choose a Los Angeles estate sale company (liquidator) and the best way to sell your valuable estate jewelry & Swiss watches in Los Angeles, CA.

How Much is My Emerald Ring Worth in Los Angeles?
There are various factors which impact the value of an emerald, and we will cover each one in this article on appraising the value of an emerald gemstone.

How Much is My Ruby Ring Worth in Los Angeles?
Rubies are generally evaluated by the same criteria that diamonds are judged, the famous “Four Cs”: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Learn more.

How Much is My Sapphire Ring Worth in Los Angeles?
If you are looking to sell a sapphire ring in Los Angeles, the first question on your mind is likely, “How much is my sapphire worth?” Learn how sapphire appraisals are made.

What Are the Most Expensive Gemstones?
Learn about some of the most expensive fine gemstones in the world, including some rare gems that you may not have heard of before.

Los Angeles Estate Sale Tips
Our knowledgeable staff share some Los Angeles estate sale tips. If you are you planning to hold a Los Angeles estate sale by yourself, these tips will help you better manage the process successfully.

Top Luxury Auction Houses
If you are thinking about auctioning your valuable diamond jewelry or expensive timepieces, first read this article about the top luxury auction houses.

Buying an Engagement Ring on a Budget in Los Angeles
Learn how to buy an affordable diamond engagement ring on a budget in Los Angeles, including designer engagement rings at a fraction of their retail price.

Los Angeles Pawn Shop Alternatives
Learn about upscale (high-end) alternatives to pawning your valuable fine jewelry, large diamond ring, or Swiss watch with a typical Los Angeles pawn shop.

How to Sell a Watch in Los Angeles

Learn How to Sell a Rolex Watch in Los Angeles
Learn how to sell a vintage Rolex watch in Los Angeles, as well as how to receive a free market appraisal of your valuable Swiss timepiece.

How to Insure a Rolex Watch in Los Angeles
Learn about how to insure a Rolex watch and obtain an accurate appraisal of your valuable Rolex timepiece from our Los Angeles Rolex buyers.

Where Can I Find the Model & Serial Number of My Rolex?
Learn where to find the serial numbers and model numbers of vintage Rolex watches, including how to estimate the year that your valuable Rolex watch was made.

How to Wind a Rolex Watch
Winding and setting a Rolex watch is a relatively simple task, as long as you follow these easy instructions.

Selling a Watch at Antiquorum
Learn the steps involved when selling your collectable timepiece at Antiquorum auction house, including alternatives for selling your luxury watch for cash.

What Are the Most Collectable Watches?
Are you thinking about starting a watch collection in Los Angeles? The fascination with watches is a passion not all will understand…

Buying a First Rolex in Los Angeles
Are you about to purchase your first Rolex watch? Learn what you need to know about buying new & vintage Rolex watches from our Los Angeles Rolex dealers.

A History of Watchmaking
Read highlights from the history of watchmaking, including the rise of Swiss watchmakers and the worldwide quartz revolution in watchmaking.

How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch in Los Angeles
Spotting a fake luxury watch in Los Angeles can save you a huge financial embarrassment, and it’s not always as obvious as avoiding the cheap-Rolex-in-the-alley deal.

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