Buying Happiness in Los Angeles

How to Smartsize Your Life & Find Happiness Again

Buying Happiness in Los Angeles Money makes the world go around in Los Angeles. But can can money actually buy happiness? The old adage says that it can’t. But is that really true? In some ways, it certainly is. The LA shopper’s high always wears off—and usually quicker than we expected. Los Angeles abounds with stories of unhappy rich people. But on the other hand, it takes a bit of money to realize most dreams—whether it be a trip to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, running the LA Marathon, or starting a small business.

The fact is that money can buy happiness. That may sound depressing if you are deeply in debt. But the good news is that it doesn’t actually take a lot of money to buy happiness in Los Angeles. The amount required is accessible to almost everyone. All it takes to get there is a little self-examination and a change of spending habits.

The first step is to prioritize what is most important in your life. This might include building stronger relationships with your children and spouse, doing what you love for a living, or taking part in activities that benefit your Los Angeles community. Don’t just mull over these priorities. Write them down. Writing helps us gain clarity. And this entire process is about seeing our lives more clearly.

The second step is to assess the things in your life: your LA house/apartment, your car, your furnishings, your clothing and accessories, etc. In Los Angeles it is easy to place far too much importance on the things in our lives as indicators of our identity—of who we are and our place in the world. This is a recipe for unhappiness because we are placing ourselves in a position where we must continually buy things (whether we can afford them or not) in order to “evolve” as individuals. Our sense of self becomes a castle in the sand—one that can easily crumble if we are forced to give up our things due to financial problems.

That is why the “downsizing” and “little house” movements have picked up so much steam in recent years. People throughout the United States are simplifying their lives, escaping the endless debt cycle, and buying a happiness that is both affordable and enduring. This isn’t to suggest that everyone in Los Angele should move into 50 sq. meter homes and start pedaling their bicycles to work. We all have different tastes, interests, and needs. But everyone is capable of gaining freedom from their stuff and simplifying their lives in ways that cater to their interests, while also nurturing stronger relationships.

This simplification process isn’t so much “downsizing” as it is “smart-sizing” your life, in order to increase opportunities for enriching, new experiences—both for yourself and (if you have a family) for your children. When it comes to generating happiness, experiences (and the fond memories attached to them) always trump things.

Take a minute right now and reflect on the happiest moments of your life. Your list probably doesn’t include the day you bought a new car or that Hermès handbag you were desiring for years—but rather some special times that you spent with family and friends. This should show you the importance of experiences and relationships in the enduring happiness equation.

When we talk about buying happiness in Los Angeles, we ultimately are talking about buying the opportunity to have memorable experiences with loved ones, as well as solitary experiences that speak to us on a soul level—this might include attending concerts, yoga classes, and art exhibitions; going sailing, surfing, and camping; donating time to a charitable cause; or going on holidays to explore new places.

It becomes easy to make the time and space in your life for joyful experiences when you begin letting go of unnecessary stuff. A good place to begin smart-sizing your life is with your fine jewelry box. The reason it’s good to start here is that it’s important to begin the process by letting go of something small. But at the same time, it’s good to let go of something valuable, so that you can see just how much happiness that money can buy in the way of memorable new experiences.

Smart-sizing your jewelry box is also a good place to start because some of our strongest emotional attachments are with fine jewelry. Certain items might also be viewed as public indicators of our social status and membership within the world of successful LA professionals. Being able to let go and sell several pieces of fine jewelry will make it easier (emotionally and psychologically) to smart-size the larger things in your life.

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